Open studio days: € 40, -

Students who have already attended a workshop or masterclass can, in consultation with us, work on their own projects in the studio. Betty and Miriam will be available for advice.


Future & activities:

Sculptural Works, Guest lecturers, Eco printing, printing techniques, special or seasonal papers and marbling.


For more information:

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Number of participants per course: Min. 5 max. 7


Working hours:

10.30 to 16.00 hours


Artists Betty Disco and Miriam v.d. Linden of Papiermakersstudio de Papiertuin are offering workshops and masterclasses at the papermill, De Middelste Molen, in Loenen, The Netherlands.


They offer a variety of 1 and 2 day specialized workshops throughout the year.


Experience with papermaking is not a prerequisite for these courses. At the same time, for professional artists too, a study of the possibilities of paper art can be an inspiring deepening of their knowledge of materials and techniques.


Workshops & Masterclasses


Paper art & Hand papermaking 2019


De Middelste Molen

Kanaal Zuid 497

7371 GL Loenen

The Netherlands





1-Day Workshop  € 60,-

2-Day Master Class € 160,-



Basic hand-papermaking techniques

1-Day Workshop € 60,-


Basic hand-papermaking techniques.


In this 1-day course we make beautiful paper using traditional craft as well as modern techniques. You will learn basic papermaking techniques for artistic applications, such as original cards, interesting paper for a personal sketchbook, an object, reliefs or other artworks. We work with raw materials like cotton, linen, hemp fibers and abaca. We add pigments, visible plant fibers or printed matter to the paper pulp.


On this basis we experiment further with lamination, stenciling and embossing.



Friday 18, 25, and Saturday 19, 26 January


Friday 15 and Saturday 16 February


Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March


Tuesday 9 and Friday 19 April

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 May



Pulp pouring & Pulp painting

2-Day Master Class € 160,-


Pulp pouring is an ideal way to make large or whimsically shaped sheets of paper.  We start by making a base sheet  either by pouring pulp into a mould, or by dipping the mould into the vat of pulp. After we have made a base sheet we continue with a technique known as painting with pulp.

We do this with very finely ground cotton and flax fiber to which pigments are added. On base sheets we paint - using brushes, stencils and various squeeze bottles to create layers of fine lines, shapes, and thin transparencies. By compressing all layers, it becomes one whole.


With this technique you can create unique paper, applicable in collages, objects or for illustrations in an artist book.



Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March


Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March



Paper making from exotic plants and fibers

2-Day Master Class € 160,-


In this two-day masterclass we explore the process of making handmade paper with exotic fibers and plants. We work with bark from mulberry, eucalyptus and abaca trees and with plant fibers like sisal, flax, corn and onion. On the first day we prepare the fibers by cutting, cooking, rinsing and grinding them into pulp. The following day we make paper from this pulp. You can realize contrasts by creating a composition of transparent leaves, needles and visible plant fibers.


All this beauty we collect in a self-made folder.



Friday 5 and Saturday 6 April

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May